Everything we have ever done at SAFE, we have done in partnership with others.
We are social entrepreneurs and we love to share!

“Rise Construction Framework is a socially driven construction framework that is part of the Safe Regeneration family;  the values of Safe Regeneration are aligned with the socio-economic model that sits behind Rise. At Rise we use profits to fund much needed community prevention and intervention initiatives; as a framework we pride ourselves on co-creating social value with public-sector organisations to transform communities they serve.” 

Sara Lawton, Rise Director.


“Power to Change has been established as a ten-year initiative. Our aim is to accelerate the growth and impact of community businesses, creating better places to live and work. Success at the end of our ten years would mean that community business is a better recognised and more highly valued approach to addressing local economic, social and environmental challenges. “SAFE Regeneration were the first community business I ever visited and the first that Power to Change made a film about. We have continued to admire their ever-growing ambitions which will place community business at the heart of the regeneration of Bootle’s canal side.”

Mark Gordon, Director of Communications & Partnerships