Home From Home

In 2012 SAFE was approached by Kirkby residents who wished to develop a collaborative project documenting and celebrating the town’s heritage. The project aimed to develop an inter-generational oral history programme of works that would enable young and old residents to work together to explore the development of the new town. Through the project, young people would learn skills in interviewing, recording and digitising oral histories; documenting the experiences of the older people and sharing, celebrating and disseminating their experiences through creative performances, the creation and installation of community artworks and production of a short film. More than 600 participants engaged in the project through seven schools and four community groups. The project began in March 2013 and ended in March 2015, funded through a two-year grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. SAFE worked with twelve participant groups including seven schools and four community groups which committed significant time and resources to the project, enabling large numbers of children and older residents to participate, organising sessions, publicising the project to families, arranging assemblies/plays and accompanying children on museum visits and planning and delivering additional sessions to bed the project into the curriculum. The project resulted in creative performances, a touring exhibition, two art installations and a documentary film. Take a look –